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Right from futuristic mega-cities to remote islands, from beautiful coastlines to snow-capped lofty mountains and from mighty rivers slicing the rough terrain to impenetrable equatorial jungles; the heterogeneity of Asian landscape has captivated travellers for centuries.

There’s Never a Dull Moment!

Travelling to Asia is as intriguing as its diverse landscape – There’s never a moment when things get too predictable or boring. Explore this geographically, culturally and linguistically diverse continent with our bespoke tours. Being one of the top-rated and reputed Asian travel agencies, Asia Travels offer tailored holiday packages.

Travel Asia With Our Specially Designed Tour Packages

Thoroughly planned and designed by our team of professionals who are passionate travellers themselves, our holiday packages are as diversified as Asia.
Whether you want to embark on a spiritual journey to find peace within, go for a wild exploration to the world’s remote islands, or immerse yourself in the humdrum of never-sleeping, fast-growing metropolises; our tour packages offer a healthy dose of adventure, fun, ancient history and exploration.

Asia Travels Melbourne – Your Own Travel Specialist

At Asia Travels, we encourage you to take the off-beaten path, embrace the unexpected and soak yourself in an extraordinary travel experience. Our well-thought-out packages let you take the exotic and indelible sights, sounds and smells of Asia for a holiday that’s hard to forget.

We make your stay comfortable by getting you the authentic and best accommodation at unbeatable prices. Besides, our meticulously planned sight-seeing excursions bring you face to face with Asia’s most fascinating customs, local culture, electrifying food scenes and awe-inspiring natural wonders.

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If exploring beautiful Asia is your travel bucket list, contact us today for budget-friendly and cost-competitive holiday. We believe a memorable and enthralling travel experience should come at a price that’s easy your wallet. Therefore, we continually strive to offer the most cost-competitive tour packages to help you satiate your wanderlust.

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