India Tour Packages from Australia

India tours are popular for their spiritual appeal. Booking a journey to this subcontinent is like booking a journey to self-discovery. This is why India tour packages are extremely popular globally.

In addition, holiday packages to India from Australia entail a plethora of travel options due to the many regions. You can either book comprehensive India holiday packages from Australia or choose between south India holiday packages and north India holiday packages. Be it north India or south India tour packages, a unique experience is guaranteed.

Why Book India Holiday Packages from Australia

India is the land of diversity that has a multitude of languages, religions, landscapes, cuisine and more. It is the one country where travelling to every region is like touring a new destination. It is for this reason that India tour packages are perennially in demand.

If you are someone who finds solace in the divine, India tours ought to be on your bucket list. The plethora of religious beliefs that the heterogeneous population practices has given rise to many sacred sites. Temples of hindu gods are spread through the diaspora but the Mosques, churches, monasteries and more such religious places are just as prevalent. If you are someone who is inclusive and believes in religious harmony in the true sense, booking holiday packages to India from Australia will, thus, be extremely appealing.

A India holiday package from Australia also gives you an option to customise your travel. Whether you are a beach or mountain person, the country offers something to excite both. If you are someone who wants to catch tropical feels, south India holiday packages are an intriguing option. South India tour packages allow you to bask in the sun on one of the sunny beaches while being surrounded by tall palm trees. In contrast, north India holiday packages are ideal for adventurists who love the mountains. The landscape is dominated by the Himalayas and a hospitable attitude that warms your heart.

For someone who loves history, India is your oyster. Every region has its own historical significance and is filled with age-old monuments. From the symbol of eternal love, Taj Mahal, charming royal forts and palaces to the ornamental minars and gates, there are thousands of attractions that will walk you down the memory lane.

In addition, anyone who loves distinct flavours and spice will enjoy the culinary variations that India presents. Every state has its own speciality that is different in essence but retains the authentic Indian taste. Besides, the streets are flooded with cheap tummy-filling concoctions. A vegetarian will especially love the food craze due to the umpteen meat free options.

Where to Book Holiday Packages to India from Australia

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