Laos Holiday Tour Packages

Lying along the Mekong River, Laos is a southeast asian country. It is known for its natural beauty, its history and its French architecture. This Buddhist land is brimming with experiences that most advanced countries in the world cannot provide. In a lot of ways, Laos is a land of the past, housing traditions that rapidly developing countries have long forgotten.

Why Book Laos Holiday Packages from Australia?

Booking a Laos holiday package is totally worth it if you are a nature lover who loves to bask in the green.The country is flooded with scenic allure, the kind that you only see in movies. Its lush paddy fields, rugged mountain tops covered in emerald tea leaves, underground river caves and a rich rural landscape are truly enchanting for any traveller. Adventure junkies can find themselves enjoying a jungle zipline or climbing rocky karsts. It is a famous Asian destination for ecotourism. There is a plethora of protected areas in remote corners of this country. For a wanderer, it also consists of unique experiences like a community trekking initiative that encourages you to take in the real Laos, complete with a village homestay that gives you an opportunity to help locals and indulge in environmental preservation. Moreover, the land houses some of the rarest species including the giant flying squirrels, pot bellied pig, bullfrogs and critically endangered animals including Kouprey and Saola. Therefore, to a person who enjoys spotting newer creatures, Laos is a blessing.

Apart from the diverse landscape, Laos is extremely popular for its melange of different Asian tribes. It consists of Hmong people in the northern mountains, face tattooed elders of the Kahu and Alak tribes in the south and Katang people residing in the central villages.This country is in a perpetual slow motion. Even the capital, Vientiane, is predominantly rural with rustic stilt houses inhabited mainly by rice farmers.On the other hand, the famous Luang Prabang, which literally stands for ‘Royal Buddha Image’, is a blend of rural and urban influences.While it is buddhist epicentre loaded with monks in saffron robes covering the streets and ornamental monasteries, it is also replete with rather modernistic French colonial structures.

All this combined with a tempting array of cuisine in the french accented towns or a bowl of the traditional delicacies in one of the local eateries makes booking a Laos tour package highly fruitful. Additionally, holiday packages from Australia to Laos and to Australia from Laos are light on the pocket and heavy on timeless memories.

Where to Book the Best Laos Tour Packages?

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