Nepal Holiday Tour Packages from Australia

Nepal tour packages are extremely in demand worldwide. This small country, surrounded by the magnificent Himalayas and the indo-gangetic plains, is a hit destination on every traveller’s bucket list.

Nepal holiday packages from Australia are suitable for everyone. Whether you are a nature lover, an old soul or a laid back tourist, booking holiday packages to Nepal from Australia is lucrative. Besides, holiday packages from Australia to Nepal put less stress on your pockets but promise a moreish experience.

Why Should You Book Nepal Holiday Packages from Australia

For a mountain lover, Nepal holiday packages are a paradise. These give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to trek some of the most massive peaks. Climbing the iconic Everest or hiking the thrilling Annapurna massif is a possibility here. If you are a daredevil at heart, apart from the obvious mountain climbing, Nepal offers various adrenaline spiking experiences, be it river rafting in a gushing river or bungee jump a deep Himalayan gorge. From canyoning, kayaking, yak riding, paragliding to mountain biking, Nepal tour packages make every extreme adventure accessible.

Due to it being flanked by India, China and Tibet, booking holiday packages to Nepal from Australia will expose you to an amalgamation of cultures from all three nations. Nevertheless, Tibetan Buddhism is the most widely spread religion here. In fact, it is the epicentre of Buddhism that gives you a chance to visit the birthplace of Gautam Buddha near Lumbini. Nepal holiday packages from Australia will let you discover ornamental stupas and monasteries or spot pilgrims taking a stroll across the archaic city squares of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur.

Although, it is important to remember that just because it is a land brimming with natural beauty and spirituality, Nepal is not primitive. A number of lively eateries serving traditional as well as continental cuisine, bars blasting loud and hip music, upmarket shops and spas line the streets of Kathmandu. These co-exist with the ancient palaces and hidden shrines.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, holiday packages from Australia to Nepal offer several opportunities. The country has an abundance of jungles and national parks where spotting exotic birds and endangered species is a matter of no surprise. You can either choose to stay at a regal safari lodge in Chitwan or travel as far as Koshi Tappu for a wilder experience.

How to Book Affordable Holiday Packages to Nepal from Australia

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