Japan Holiday Packages from Australia

Japan holiday packages are perfect for someone who loves diversity. The speciality of Japan tour packages is that they let you explore Japan’s modern side, fueled by technological development, and the traditional side, laden with ancient practices presenting pictures of Japanese culture. Therefore, booking holiday packages to Japan from Australia is truly worth it. However, one needs to ensure that the holiday packages from Australia to Japan cover most aspects of this heterogeneous land. Besides, Japan holiday packages from Australia allow you to explore a new land which is completely different from outdoorsy Australia.

Reasons to book Holiday Packages from Australia to Japan

Encompassing about 6852 islands, Japan is loaded with a myriad of experiences. Its capital, Tokyo, is a contrast. While one side of it consists ultramodern skyscrapers, lit in neon, another side hosts historical sites such as the the Meiji Shinto Shrine, Imperial Palace, museums featuring classical arts or Kabuki theatres, representing a few pictures of Japanese culture. Another balance of modernity and traditions is witnessed through the variations in places to stay. Japan holiday packages can either enable you to pick an economical capsule hotel or a conventional Ryokan, having futons and cozy wood furniture.

If one is looking for serenity, Japan tour packages that enable taking a bath in one of the popular hot springs will rinse years of stress of your body. You can also stroll in a Zen rock garden or attain ultimate tranquility by attending a tea ceremony in the traditional Chasitsu (tea houses) spread across the expanse of the islands. A more spiritual person can visit the opulent buddhist stupas, Shinto shrines or wooden temples for mental peace.

For anyone who loves the outdoors, Japan holiday tour packages present numerous thrills. The beauty of the spectacular Mount Fuji, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, rice terraces, rugged volcanic mountains surrounding the archipelago and pink cherry blossoms are too pleasing to the eye. Apart from this, Japan holiday packages from Australia give you a chance to take in the mesmerising charm of picturesque caldera lakes in the north and tropical white beaches in the South.

Holiday packages to Japan from Australia are also a perfect opportunity for food lovers. Lined with popular dishes such as sushi, ramen, Taboyaki (octopus balls) and more, the food scene is not only filled with deliciousness but also with health.

How to Book the Best Japan Holiday Packages from Australia

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