With its unique position and relative isolation from Indian mainland, Sri Lanka has got a distinctive and contained wildlife, most of which is endemic to the region. Comprising a long, uninterrupted coastline and temperate hill stations with large tracts of lush forests and grassy plains.  Such diverse landscapes make this magical island a haven for various species of leopards, elephants, birds and marine life to thrive.

If you’re a wildlife lover and wish to explore the wonderful flora and fauna of this mesmerising island, here’s a list of national parks that you must visit:

Yala and Uda Walawe National Parks: One of the most popular destinations for wildlife safaris, these national parks boast of having the highest population of leopards in the world. Wildlife enthusiasts from across the world flock to this region to track this elusive creature roaming freely in its natural habitat. Another attraction of this place is that you can see oodles of elephants moving around. Apart from these mighty mammals, other animal species found here are water buffalos, civets, crocodiles and more.

Kaudulla National Park: A popular destination with an abundance of endemic flora and fauna, this national park has gained popularity for its diverse birdlife. Avid bird watchers from across the world flock Kaudulla National Park to gaze at the polychromatic bird show before their eyes. Apart from being a great destination to spot some rare species of birds, Kaudulla National Park is also a home to a number of large mammals like elephants, sloth bears, Sri Lankan leopards and wild boar.

Adam’ Bridge Marine National Park: Located near the narrow peninsula extending out into the Indian Ocean, Adam’s Bridge Marine National Park boasts of a stunning array of ecosystems. With reefs just off the shores and a low-lying scrubland, this national park is an ultimate place to spot and experience a colourful variety of wildlife. Apart from spotting a huge array of birds, you can also see dolphins, turtles and dugong that often pass by the coast.

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