Wildlife Tours

Are you fascinated by shows like Planet Earth and have always dreamt of being a part of a nature documentary in real life?  If so, it’s time to experience nature in its purest form and get a chance to uncover the mesmerising biodiversity of the South Asian region.

Endowed with dramatic landscapes right from snow-capped mountains to dense rainforests; the region has become biologically diverse with a variety of endemic species of flora and fauna thriving for centuries.

Experience the spectacular and diverse wildlife – be it the primates like orangutans, large mammals like elephants and tigers roaming in wilderness or the mighty underwater creatures such as blue sperm whales – the heterogeneous wildlife in this region will leave you awe-struck!

Wildlife Tours to Sabah (Borneo)

Journey through the impenetrable and lush jungles of Sabah province in Malaysia is one the finest safari experiences. While wild orangutans are the highlight, you can also see some elusive and endangered species like clouded leopard, binturong, banteng and more.

Wildlife Tour To Ubud (Bali) 

Bali is more than just partying, beaches and exciting nightlife! It is blessed with breathtaking natural scenery, dense jungles and a multitude of exciting wildlife that varies from the little rare bird species to large mammals and primates.

Wildlife Tour to Sri Lanka  

This geographically small country has an abundance of wildlife and offers some of the world’s most goose-bump inducing experiences – right from tracking the leopards to swimming with the majestic blue whales.

Wildlife Tour to Thailand

Apart from being the party and pleasure capital of the world, Thailand has another side to this spectrum. It’s packed with exciting wildlife, both above and below the land! See the mighty elephants bathing in the river or spot the cheeky monkeys in the wild or snorkel through azure water to experience the vibrant tropical underwater world.

Wildlife Tour to India 

A fascinating and magical destination that combines astounding cultural and natural diversity. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, India is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Watch the tigers quietly stalk through the jungles of Ranthambore or spot rare migratory birds who fly miles away from their home to enjoy the relatively warm climate in India.

If you’re an animal lover and wish to have a close encounter with the natural world, contact Asia Travels for your exclusive wildlife-themed tours.