The Best Thailand Beach Holidays Experience with Asia Travels

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever – Jacques Cousteau.

Thailand has the best pristine beaches in the world and deciding which one to visit can be a dilemma- but this is a headache everyone would love to have! In today’s busy life there is nothing better than a good island getaway.

Whether you want a healthy tan by sunbathing or want to hike up a cloud-topped mountain, learn rock climbing or dive in waters of thousands of shades of blue, we have the perfect tour packages for you to experience all this at one place.

Things to do at Thailand Beaches

Thailand is packed with hundreds of islands, jaw-dropping turquoise beaches, cliffside hotels and award-winning ocean-view restaurants at every corner. There is something for everyone at this beautiful holiday destination. Our Thailand Beach Holidays is your ideal beach destination and also customised based on your needs and preferences. There is no dearth of activities when you opt for our Thailand beach tour package.

  • Ferry Ride at the James Bond Island
    Are you a fan of the James Bond series? The James Bond Island had a starring role in the cult classic. Explore the beautiful destination and witness the movie location – The Man with the Golden Gun.
  • Island Hopping
    Did you know there are over 300+ islands in Thailand? Just start with one and start ticking off each after your visits. You can choose ferry rides or even the age-old fashioned long-tailed boats.
  • Tickle Your Tastebuds
    You will find vendors selling famous street food on the beaches. Appease your taste buds and go on a gastronomic journey with scrumptious local delights.

Whether you want to enjoy a cocktail or relax and experience tranquillity on a beach, Thailand is a paradise for every traveller. From the palm-fringed stretches in lush and exotic Koh Phi Phi to the renowned shores of Phuket, experience equanimity at the beaches of Thailand. The Southeast Asian country is lined with some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches.

Book your holidays online and experience the sky above, sand below and peace within with our Thailand beach packages. Let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat. Clear waters, white sands, long tail boats and vendors peddling food, drinks, souvenirs and massages are a staple here.

Whether you want a romantic sunset spot or an incredible adventure destination, just connect with our team and experience a holiday in paradise.

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